X Factor 80’s week. Uh-oh.

There’s a high chance that tomorrow’s episode of The X Factor is going to sound like a complete karaoke-fest. Why? Because it’s 80’s week and that means big hair, big tunes and probably Bon Jovi.

There’s something about 80’s songs which makes them go-to karaoke choices, simply because the decade is jam-packed with feel-good, sing-along classics that take over every Wedding, Christmas and solo shower sessions.

It’s not that we get offended when Simon Cowell dislikes a performance because “it sounded like karaoke”, but if he’s setting an 80’s week theme, he needs to prepare himself for a little less talent and a lot more fun - that’s just the way it goes with the 80’s.

Naturally, we have an 80’s playlist ready and waiting if you guys want to have a crack at it yourselves. So when the contestants begin to murder Madge or destroy Duran Duran, turn your remote into a mic and give us your own Careless Whisper

Oh, I…want to be with you everywhere

We love to see you at our bars, we really do. But understand that sometimes you’ve just got to go elsewhere. Places to be, people to see - all that. We’re pretty shameless, though – and know you love karaoke - so thought we’d try tag along anyhow.

Therefore, it is our very great pleasure to announce (for added effect, play this link before reading the following four words)…

Lucky Voice Pop-up Karaoke!

We’ve taken the singing experience from our bars (touchscreen, prop box, all the songs you’d ever want to sing…) and bundled it up in one neat, mobile, little package.

Essentially, it’s the same as singing in the shower. Except that it’s purple, you’re dry, have three friends in there with you, and are getting the words right. Still, the feel good factor is the same. And that’s what counts, really.

So now that we’re mobile, we’d like to come with you. To weddings, work socials, corporate events, product launches, and birthday parties. It’s all good.

Though don’t think we’re just coming to drink your drink and eat your food. Put us to work, promoting products and messages to guests, or just creating lasting happy memories for your friends and family.

Bookings are available from November on, so look for us popping up at a party near you soon…

God Only Knows what I’d be without karaoke

Anyone who has been to a music festival can appreciate having all of their favourite artists performing over a weekend. Well how about 27 of the worlds biggest music artists performing together in just 2 and a half minutes?! Done!

Yesterday BBC Music did just that by presenting The Impossible Orchestra. They got together an 80-piece Orchestra and big names like Elton John, Pharrell Williams, Kylie Minogue, Stevie Wonder and Beach Boys sensation himself Brian Wilson. Why all that effort? The track, God Only Knows, is being used to launch the new initiative BBC Music as well as being released in aid of the Children In Need Charity.

While sadly, we can’t offer you a place in the Impossible Orchestra, we can provide you with this very possible playlist featuring some of the artists involved on the track.

Grab a mic, some friends and make your own Lucky Voice Orchestra!


The Lucky Voice Ryder Cup Predictions

It’s a big weekend for the golfing folk and certain members of the Lucky Voice team are getting quite excited. As a result, some karaoke-related Ryder Cup predictions have been born. America, Europe, let’s keep this clean. 

Beach Boys (USA) vs ABBA (SWE)

 A couple of big hitters first out, as the boys from the beach take on Bjorn, Benny and co. A few fine shots from Statesiders with Good Vibrations and Barbara Ann but in the end this was no contest. Mamma Mia, Waterloo and the hen party essential, Dancing Queen. If you’ve ever sung karaoke, you’ve sung an Abba song. But there’s no Surfin’ USA for Abba, these guys surf with seals, which is weird. 

ABBA beat Beach Boys 5&4

USA 0 Europe 1


Bon Jovi (USA)    vs    U2 (IRE)

We all know Bono wants to be the best and even loves giving us his music for free - but can he defeat the Karaoke King, Sir Jonathan Bonaparte Jovi? In a word, no. U2 sink a few birdies with I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and With Or Without You but Livin’ On A Prayer is as good as a hole in one in our book. The USA are back in it…

Bon Jovi beat U2 1 up. 

USA 1 Europe 1


Kate Perry (USA)       vs        Adele (ENG)

The Miracle at Medinah has become the Katfight of karaoke with this battle of the big egos. These two are the most popular karaoke solo artists around today and Perry starts off her round with a Roar and surges ahead on the front 9 with Firework and I Kissed A Girl. But hold on Katy! Do you know who is the most sung karaoke artist on the planet? Here’s a clue: Her name begins with A and ends in Dell. Someone Like You and Skyfall leave Miss Perry Rolling In The Deep rough. Top work Adele. You remain our Karaoke Queen.

Adele beat Katy Perry 2 & 1

USA 1 Europe 2


Aerosmith (USA)        vs        A-ha (NOR)

On paper this has got an Aerosmith win written all over it. Walk This Way, Pink and I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing surely give Tyler’s boys the point that will bring the US level. A couple of tidy iron shots from A-Ha on the closing holes with The Living Daylights and The Sun Always Shines On TV just about keep them in it. But then comes the hammer blow on the 18th hole. 200 yards, straight in the hole with Take On Me. That ladies and gentleman is karaoke gold. “I’ll be gone, in a day or twooooooooooooooooooooooo” Ahem, sorry about that… a hard fought draw gives them half a point each. Steven ain’t a happy bunny.

Aerosmith halved with A-ha

USA 1 ½ Europe 2 ½


Elvis Presley (USA)    vs        Tom Jones (WAL)

Battle of the heavyweights, with the Europeans one point from victory. Girls screaming down each side of the fairway makes for an unusual golfing scene. But It’s Not Unusual and Deliliah give Mr Jones a solid start to his round. But the King is the King. Suspicious Minds, Hound Dog, Can’t Help Falling In Love… the list goes on. Look at this… it’s 2 ½ points each. All down to the last game. THIS IS TENSE.

Elvis beat Tom Jones 3&2

USA 2 ½ Europe 2 ½


Billy Joel (USA)          vs        Rod Stewart (SCO)

It’s all down to the last pair and it’s all about karaoke booming drives and sand saves. Piano Man and Always A Woman give Mr Joel an early lead but Rod comes soaring back with Sailing and Do You Think I’m Sexy, so it’s all down to the last putt… It’s Uptown Girl vs Maggie May. The suspense is killing me…….. He’s done it, with that near perfect final line, Stewart wins the Karaoke Ryder Cup for Europe! “Maggie, I wish I’d never seen your face”. 

Rod Stewart beat Billy Joel 1up

FINAL SCORE: USA 2 ½ Europe 3 ½


So there you have it, a narrow win for the Europeans. Now you’ve got a taste for it, here’s a playlist with all the songs mentioned for you to sing along to this weekend, while watching all the action: https://www.luckyvoice.com/sing/playlists/1729850-ryder-cup-playlist-karaoke

How to stream Lucky Voice to your TV with a Chromecast

So you’ve bought yourself a new-fangled Chromecast, have watched Netflix, streamed some YouTube videos and thought to yourself - “This is all great, but now let’s make it do something really cool!”

Well, hold on to your knickers as this next bit might just blow them right off your bum and into the the neighbour’s yard, wait for it…

You. Can. Stream. Karaoke.

You read that right, your eyes have not just gone all swimmy-swammy and no, you are not hallucinating (well, maybe you are, but that’s not our fault). That’s right - Lucky Voice works just dandy with your Chromecast - you can create the jazzy, awesome, crazy-amazing experience of a karaoke bar right in your own home.

Karaoke in your living room! Karaoke in your bedroom! Karaoke. In. Your. Bathroom! Yes, and all it takes is a few teeny tiny steps to get it all working.

How to get Lucky Voice karaoke working with a Chromecast

Step 1: Set up your Chromecast

This should be pretty obvious, but I guess, you know- first things first. Follow the steps that came with your instruction manual for the Chromecast to get it all set up, then come back here and carry on to step 2.

Step 2: Install Chrome (if you don’t have it already)

This only really works with Google Chrome browser, so get yourself over to here (http://www.google.co.uk/chrome/) and download Chrome for your platform (Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux - for the brave).

Step 3: Install the “Google Cast plugin for Chrome.

This is pretty straightforward, open Chrome, then go to the Google Cast plugin page (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-cast/boadgeojelhgndaghljhdicfkmllpafd?hl=en) and click the “Install” button.

Once it’s installed, you should have a shiny new button in your chrome navigation, if you click this, Google will ask if you want to share data, this is completely up to you, but if you click it again (tricky those folks at Google, aren’t they), then your Chromecast should show up as a Castable device in the drop-down list.

Step 4: Go to Luckyvoice.com/sing and cast away!

So, now you have all the bits installed that will let you use Lucky Voice karaoke on your TV without wires, simply go to our online player (http://www.luckyvoice.com/sing) and use the Google Cast plugin to cast the tab to your TV, just by selecting your Chromecast from the list, a little spin-wheel should show up indicating that it’s “thinking” and then show up on your TV in full-screen glory!

Happy singing!

The LV Team.

Troubleshooting tips and tricks

Sometimes the audio/video is choppy.

The effectiveness of the cast depends on the speed of your computer (we tested on Windows machines and OSX) and how busy your WiFi network is. Make sure that you have a good signal between your laptop and the WiFi hotspot as well the Chromecast.

If the audio is still choppy and you are positive that your signal is good, select the “options” icon from the Google Cast plugin drop-down and set the quality to lower, this means less data needs to travel between your laptop/PC and the Chromecast and should improve the video performance.

How To Hold A Karaoke Party - 6 Tips

Hosting a house party can actually be pretty stressful. If you’ve ever played host, you’ll know that. You’ve got 20 people coming over, and while your other half may be worrying about the cream carpets and whether to employ the ‘shoes off’ rule, all you’re worrying about is people having a great time. Rightly so.

RELAX. We can help. It’s called Lucky Voice Online Karaoke, you may have heard us mention it once or twice before, and it’s ready to save you from any dull moments and will likely help you go down as one of the best hosts in history. It really is immensely entertaining, and guests don’t seem to tire of it. You’ll see.

It’s very simple. Here are 6 tips for a, “God, remember that night” party…

1. Have Karaoke set-up in advance

Let’s just get this out the way first - Get yourself signed up to a free trial for Lucky Voice Online Karaoke, and maybe even purchase one of our Karaoke Kits for the best set up. If you’re a fancy pants with an Apple TV, use airplay and get it up on the big screen. That always looks pretty impressive. Clear some space, cork your wine, get some Wotsits in the bowl and you’re ready.


2. Have some mic replacements

If you just ignored our advice to buy a Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit, fair enough, but make sure you sub in with something else as a mic. Bananas, wooden spoons, inflatables - just something to hold. Keep it clean.


3. Create your ultimate party playlists

Avoid what we call ‘song blindness’. Yes it’s true, we have A LOT of songs, so take your time, think a lot, think of everything we’ve got - take their advice but don’t panic in the moment and put Boyzone on. You’re better than that. Be prepared, make your playlist before either online or with our app!


4. Use Dual Screen

We’re proud of this one. It’s a new feature coming very soon, so we have to mention it. Designed to make things run even smoother, our dual screen function will let you control the player and line up songs from your phone or tablet. Woah-oh-oh it’s magic. It’s not magic, it’s just very clever. We’ll let you know when it’s available.


5. Don’t Get Too Drunk

Obligatory advice here as karaoke often does come with a warning against getting too pickled. This poor fellow was using Lucky Voice and this happened, so steady on.

6. Don’t forget to invite the neighbours

A simple way to avoid angry red-faced neighbours banging down your door at midnight - INVITE THEM. You need to be able to forget about the noise and really let go, so make sure you either send them an invite or an apology in advance before you stick any ballads on. Karaoke parties are always, always loud.


What? Barack Obama can sing?


We get very excited when a celeb takes to the mic. It’s guaranteed to be entertaining, often surprising and usually regrettable, for them. Which is great for the rest of us. Here are ten of our favourite celebrity karaoke moments…

1) The Royal Variety - Prince William

Stiff upper lip, good posture, toothy grin, aaaaand sing. Well done Wills. This is probably the most awkward the world has ever seen you, but you dealt with it well. Keep practising that national anthem, and you’ll take the karaoke crown in no time. 

Read More

5 Big Karaoke Songs That Come With A Warning


The first and most important rule of Lucky Voice is this; It doesn’t matter what you sound like, as long as you’re having a great time. That’s that covered.

We’ve heard some angelic voices over the years, and we’ve also heard a lot of others. Others who believe the bigger the song the better you feel. We love those people, and you can guarantee they’re loving life while belting out the big ones. However, we feel it’s our responsibility to warn you against a few songs that might take your breath away…

1) Beyonce - Halo

This is all about the range. We’re talking Barry-White-low to Kate-Bush-High. It’s likely that Queen B is the only one in the world that can do it. The song’s also surprisingly long, with a lengthy intro where tension builds; things can get awkward.

2) S club 7 - Reach

It’s starts slow, and you get to throw in some great hand gestures so you’d think you’re on to a winner. What people seem to forget is that the chorus is like practising your scales. Remember the “I’ve-got-you-and-you’ve-got-got-me” build up? Well normally by the last, ‘reach’ people look like their heads are going to explode. Our tip? - Start low.

3) Katy Perry - Firework

If the original singer themselves struggles to sing the song, chances are it’s going to be pretty tricky for you. This is a MASSIVE chorus, watch out. You’ll likely lose your voice and burst a blood vessel. If you can do it, please make your way to Lucky Voice and show us how.

4) Eminem - Lose Yourself

Most people know the chorus to this song, but the verses will stump you. A karaoke rapper gets a lot of attention. People stare to see if you’re getting the words right, and whether you’re keeping up. In reality the singer is normally a sentence behind, sweating and drooling all over the mic. You’ll look cool if you nail it, so practice at home first.

5) Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

It’s a karaoke classic and we always love to see people doing it. Everyone’s practiced it in the shower and there’s a little part in everyone that thinks they can reach the big notes. If you’re going to do it, you need to fully commit and imagine no one’s listening or watching you. Good luck.

They may be a challenge, but they’re guaranteed to make you feel great. So to reiterate our first point, it doesn’t matter what you sound like - sing loud, sing proud!