5 Big Karaoke Songs That Come With A Warning


The first and most important rule of Lucky Voice is this; It doesn’t matter what you sound like, as long as you’re having a great time. That’s that covered.

We’ve heard some angelic voices over the years, and we’ve also heard a lot of others. Others who believe the bigger the song the better you feel. We love those people, and you can guarantee they’re loving life while belting out the big ones. However, we feel it’s our responsibility to warn you against a few songs that might take your breath away…

1) Beyonce - Halo

This is all about the range. We’re talking Barry-White-low to Kate-Bush-High. It’s likely that Queen B is the only one in the world that can do it. The song’s also surprisingly long, with a lengthy intro where tension builds; things can get awkward.

2) S club 7 - Reach

It’s starts slow, and you get to throw in some great hand gestures so you’d think you’re on to a winner. What people seem to forget is that the chorus is like practising your scales. Remember the “I’ve-got-you-and-you’ve-got-got-me” build up? Well normally by the last, ‘reach’ people look like their heads are going to explode. Our tip? - Start low.

3) Katy Perry - Firework

If the original singer themselves struggles to sing the song, chances are it’s going to be pretty tricky for you. This is a MASSIVE chorus, watch out. You’ll likely lose your voice and burst a blood vessel. If you can do it, please make your way to Lucky Voice and show us how.

4) Eminem - Lose Yourself

Most people know the chorus to this song, but the verses will stump you. A karaoke rapper gets a lot of attention. People stare to see if you’re getting the words right, and whether you’re keeping up. In reality the singer is normally a sentence behind, sweating and drooling all over the mic. You’ll look cool if you nail it, so practice at home first.

5) Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

It’s a karaoke classic and we always love to see people doing it. Everyone’s practiced it in the shower and there’s a little part in everyone that thinks they can reach the big notes. If you’re going to do it, you need to fully commit and imagine no one’s listening or watching you. Good luck.

They may be a challenge, but they’re guaranteed to make you feel great. So to reiterate our first point, it doesn’t matter what you sound like - sing loud, sing proud!